Arianespace launch a success: Arabsat 5C and SES-2 in orbit

On Wednesday, September 21, Arianespace orbited two communications satellites, Arabsat 5C for the operator Arabsat, and SES-2 for the operator SES, using an Ariane 5 ECA rocket.
It was the 204th Ariane launch, 60th Ariane 5 launch, 46th success in a row.

Snecma played its part in this successful launch by providing the Vulcain® 2 main stage cryogenic engine for Ariane 5 ES version. Snecma leads some 40 partners from 12 countries belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA) to produce the Vulcain®, Vulcain® 2 and HM7B engine, and to develop the Vinci® engine.

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