Sole-source powerplant for Boeing’s Next Generation 737


Selected by Boeing as the exclusive powerplant for its Next-Generation 737 family, the CFM56-7B confirms CFM’s leadership in the single-aisle commercial jet market.

The CFM56-7B was jointly certified in 1996 by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the French civil aviation authority DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile). Developing 19,500 to 27,300 pounds of thrust (87 to 121 kN), it is perfectly suited to Boeing’s short/medium range 737-600/-700/-800/-900 models, as well as the Boeing Business Jet, while providing substantial improvements over the CFM56-3 that powers 737 Classic twinjets.

Right from the outset of airplane and engine design, CFM and Boeing formed integrated commercial and technical teams. They coordinated inputs from airline customers to design an engine that would combine higher performance and reliability, with lower costs and greater environmental friendliness.

The higher performance offered by the CFM56-7B is mainly due to its new 61-inch titanium wide-chord fan, a new core and low-pressure turbine, all developed using state-of-the-art 3D aerodynamic design methods.

The CFM56-7B also incorporates a new-generation FADEC, or full authority digital engine control.

The high-pressure turbine features blades made of N5, a single-crystal alloy that combines lower operating temperatures with higher exhaust gas temperature (EGT) margins for greater on-wing durability and specific fuel consumption reduced by more than 8%.

Another important design objective of the CFM56-7B was to reduce maintenance costs by 15% over the CFM56-3C1 at a maximum thrust rating of 23,500 pounds (105 kN). Mission accomplished! At the same time, the -7B retained the exemplary reliability of its predecessor, so that the 737 NG family earned 180-minute ETOPS (extended-range twin-engine operations) certification from FAA less than two years after service entry.

Since 2007, Tech Insertion became the production standard for all CFM56-7B engines.

CFM launched the CFM56-7BE program in 2009 in conjunction with Boeing’s Next Generation 737 Performance Improvements to provide better fuel efficiency at both aircraft and engine level. The enhanced CFM56-7BE was certified in July 2010 and is scheduled to enter service in mid-2011.
The CFM56-7BE-powered Next-Generation 737 will provide:

-   2,5% improvement in fuel consumption, which means a 2,5% reduction in carbon emissions;

-   up to 4% lower maintenance costs, depending on the thrust rating;
10°C EGT margin, thus improving time on-wing.

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Key figures

Thrust range: 19,500 to 27,300 lb
Entry into service: 1997
Applications: 737-600 / -700 / -800 / -900/ -900ER / BBJ / AEW&C / C-40 / P-8A

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