The new-generation business jet engine


Silvercrest® is a new-generation turbofan engine developed from the ground up by Snecma for the business aviation market. Rated at 9,500 to 12,000 pounds of thrust, Silvercrest® is especially designed for high-end business jets in the super-midsize, large and long-range categories. It has already been chosen for the latest models offered by Cessna, the Citation Longitude, and Dassault Aviation, the Falcon 5X.

Snecma’s own market studies show that the high-end business jet market segment should post dynamic growth in the future, with some 8,000 new aircraft delivered over the next 20 years. To address this demand, Snecma developed the new Silvercrest® engine, giving aircraft manufacturers and operators the benefit of its outstanding technologies, based on its expertise as a maker of military engines and 40 years of experience in the commercial engine market with the CFM56* and its successor, the new-generation LEAP*.

Silvercrest incorporates the latest technologies developed by Snecma’s R&D teams. It offers unrivaled performance in terms of efficiency, reliability and environmental-friendliness: 15% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, compared with today’s engines, up to a 50% margin in oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions versus the ICAO’s CAEP/6 standard, and extremely low noise, up to 20 EPNdB under Chapter 4 and already meeting the upcoming Chapter 14 standard, cutting the noise footprint in half versus current engines. The performance provided by Silvercrest will enable business jets to fly higher, faster and farther, in particular reaching cruise altitude more quickly for greater efficiency and to avoid dealing with the constraints of commercial aviation.

Ground tests kicked off in October 2012, and have generated very positive results, demonstrating the engine’s tremendous performance. It reached – and exceeded – maximum takeoff, while also showing excellent dynamic performance at all thrust levels, with very good operability and very low levels of noise and vibrations.

In line with the original Silvercrest development timetable, flight tests should start by the end of 2013, with engine certification in 2015.

For owners of business jets, performance also means dispatch reliability. The Silvercrest® engine will offer the new real-time monitoring system ForeVision®, developed by Snecma and applied for the first time to business aircraft. ForeVisionTM continuously monitors engine readings in flight. If it detects an anomaly, the system immediately sends this information to Snecma’s data center, where it is analyzed by specialized engineers using expert systems. If deemed necessary, these engineers can then inform the operator and recommend the required actions, from simple preventive maintenance to sending a mobile maintenance crew on-site.

Snecma also offers premium support services through its Silvercare™ package, based on skilled personnel and a global network. Support is available 24/7 through a single hotline number and a special website. The support network is built around three regional service centers, located in Europe, North America and Asia, each offering replacement engines and equipment, spare parts and mobile maintenance teams.

(*)CFM56 and LEAP engines are a product of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma (Safran) and GE.

Silvercrest already chosen by leading aircraft-makers

Dassault Aviation has chosen Silvercrest to power its new wide-cabin, long-range business jet, the super-midsize Falcon 5X. This plane will be powered by twin Silvercrest engines, each developing 11,450 lb of thrust. Snecma is supplying the complete integrated powerplant system (IPPS), including the engine, nacelle, thrust reverser and engine suspension system.

Cessna also chose the Silvercrest engine to power its new premium model, the Citation Longitude. This version of the engine will develop 11,000 lb of thrust.


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