Plasma propulsion range


Snecma also develops, integrates, tests and markets electric propulsion systems based on plasma thrusters for the propulsion and orbital control of satellites and space probes. Those systems offer significant weight savings. Snecma already provides steerable thruster module assemblies (TMA) for orbital control on seven Astrium Eurostar 3000 satellites, and has developed the electric propulsion thruster assembly (EPTA), based on plasma thrusters, for OHB’s line of Small Geo satellite platforms. Snecma’s EPTA will enter service with a Hispasat satellite using this platform, scheduled for launch in 2014.

Our PPS®1350 thruster, after successfully powering Smart-1 from Earth to Moon orbit in a mission lasting from 2003 to 2006, was qualified for the Alphabus satellite platform developed by Astrium and Thales Alenia Space. Looking further ahead, Snecma now offers solutions that meet the full range of customers’ burgeoning needs for electric propulsion systems, based on the successful tests of various demonstrators. Our electric propulsion systems offer a power range from 300W to 20kW, enabling them to handle orbital transfer, stationkeeping, and other duties.

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