The new standard in regional jet propulsion


The regional aviation market is expected to log very strong growth in the next twenty years. To meet the specific needs of this market, Snecma is offering the purpose-designed SaM146 engine, developed in conjunction with Russian engine manufacturer NPO Saturn.

The two partners have created a jointly owned subsidiary, PowerJet, to handle all aspects of the program, from design and production, to marketing, sales and support.

Snecma is in charge of the core, control system (FADEC), power transmission (accessory gearbox, transfer gearbox), engine integration and flight testing. NPO Saturn is responsible for the components in the low-pressure section, engine installation on the aircraft and ground testing.

The SaM146 is a new engine in the 13,500 to 17,800 pound thrust class, which means it can power an entire family of aircraft, spanning 70 to 120 seats. In April 2003, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company selected the SaM146 for its new Superjet 100 regional jet.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Russian agency IAC AR (Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register) issued the Type Certificate for the SaM146 engine on June 23 and August 9, 2010, respectively, certifying the SaM146 for service on regional jet aircraft.

The SaM146 was designed from the ground up to power regional jets. It offers all the advantages needed to make a very competitive entrance in this market, where customers are extremely demanding in terms of cost of ownership and dispatch reliability. The SaM146 features the best combination of new and mature technologies so that airlines can be sure of very cost-effective commercial operation right from service entry.

The SaM146’s design is based on the CFM56 – the world’s most reliable and economical jet engine. Furthermore, it was designed to meet the most stringent environmental standards, both current and the upcoming CAEP/6.

The SaM146 is of course be offered with an extended range of services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Aircelle, also part of the Safran group, is providing the nacelle, which means that PowerJet is proposed to deliver a complete integrated propulsion system.

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