A compact, high-tech powerhouse


The M88 engine that powers Dassault Aviation’s Rafale multirole fighter is designed, developed and produced in-house by Snecma.

The new-generation M88 integrates the latest technologies, including low-emissions combustor, single-crystal turbine blades and powder metallurgy disks. It is a highly compact engine, developing 50 to 75 kN of thrust with afterburner (11,250 to 17,000 lb), giving it a very high thrust-to-weight ratio. The M88 also shows exceptionally carefree handling, especially during acceleration.

Snecma has developed an improved version of the M88 called the M88-4E, formerly known as the "TCO Pack" (Total Cost of Ownership), to power Rafale multirole fighters. The upgrades were focused to the high-pressure compressor and turbine, derived from technologies tested during the ECO development program. The aim is to extend the service life and time between inspections for several parts of the engine. M88-4E engine was qualified in April 2012 and the first engine was delivered a month later.

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